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WoodsWare AND this is how it all started. A $10 high bid, a runner places this blue and white Woods Ware vegetable bowl in my hands. I'm hooked ... on blue and white china, AND auctions. From blue and white, to flow blue, on to mulberry. Dragging home boxes and boxes of glass and china from auctions. My husband kept saying, "what are you going to do with all this junk??!!". "That's not junk, that's a Blue Ridge tea pot!". "That's not junk, that's a piece of EAPG!". Well, SOME of it was junk. :-)) But some of it wasn't! I started filling my hutch with some of my finds.. a box of Allerton's blue and white Kenilworth provided a vegetable dish and plenty of plates. This absolutely beautiful flow blue bowl made by Doulton of Burslem. And an entire set of Myott's Chelsea Bird in red. I sold everything from that set except for the teapot. Myott Chelsea Bird teapot I started selling glass and china in a couple of the group shops in Southern New Hampshire. My husband joined in with some furniture. We originally called our business Peach Tree Antiques because of our 80 tree peach orchard. Then I discovered EBAY, and slowly fazed out of the group shops and sold just on EBAY. Now we have moved to midcoast Maine, and are living on the beautiful tidal Sheepscot River.
Doulton Burslem


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